Notes for: Catherine Goodes


Born in Virginia Street, Geelong on 31st March 1917, the youngest child born to William and Ellen Goodes

During her early years she lived in Geelong, Henley Beach and Melbourne.

Cath was very involved in the girl guides and rangers.

Met William (Bill) Bradbury through a friend, Nonha, in Feb 1936 and was married on the 22nd July 1939. Bill wasn't a dancer or the partying type so most of their time was spent going to the pictures and the Olympic Park Speedway where Bill was a mechanic and Cath made the uniforms etc for the crew.

>From 1937 until 1942 she worked for Rockmans in Melbourne as a lift operator and salesperson. During the war she worked in Munitions and doing piecework for Deutches making space heaters at home.

Cath and Bill spent the early years of their marriage in Richmond and them moved to Cheltenham where their first 3 children were born:

Donald, Barbara and Annette

They then moved to Willaura in country Victoria where they had another 2 children

Russell and Jennifer

They then moved to Doveton in 1956. Cath returned to work in 1956, working at Heinz, Fridgeadaire and Patons Brake Replacements over the next seven years before commencing work at Terry Engineering in Mitcham in 1967. She worked at Terry Engineering until she retired in 1976.

Bill retired in 1978 and in 1980 they moved to Pakenham for a few years before moving to Inverloch and then Wonthaggi.

Bill passed away in 1995 and Cath moved to Dandenong shortly after his death.

Cath was a devoted wife & mother. She ruled the roost with a stern hand and the feather duster and was determined that the 5 children would all grow up to be well respected and decent law abiding people. She never had a 'social life', preferring to go for Sunday drives, fishing and camping at Christmas. A lot of time was spent around the kitchen table chatting. She devoted herself to her family and put herself last.

After Bill retired in 1978 they spent a lot of time caravanning. Their main interests were fishing and gold prospecting and spent many hours at Eildon, on the Murray, and at Wedderburn and Inglewood. They had a metal detector and spent many hours gold prospecting but unfortunately never 'found their fortune'

Mum was very much the Matriarch of the family.

On their 50th wedding anniversary they received a telegram from Bob Hawke, which was a great thrill. Unfortunately they didn't make their 60th anniversary and received a telegram from the Queen as Bill passed away in after 56 years of marriage.

Cath cared for Bill "her darl" up until his death. Cath was lost without Bill and missed her mate greatly.

Since Bill's death in 1995 Cath lived in Dandenong. She maintained reasonable health and up until July this year lived in unit. She had carers coming in the morning and evening but mainly cared for herself. It wasn't unusual to ring her at 11 at night and find that she was outside watering the plants.

When she moved to Dandenong she 'adopted' a cat who she loved dearly. "Puss Puss" was put down in June this year which was devastating to Cath. She had been her constant companion since Bill died.

In July Cath became ill and it was decided that she could no longer remain in the unit so she moved to Rosewood Downs. She was still quite mobile and made friends and enjoyed her stay there.

In September Cath was admitted to Dandenong Hospital and from there went to Bendigo Hospital and finally Maryborough Hospital to be closer to Jenny. In all she spent nearly 12 weeks in Hospital prior to her death.

She deteriorated badly during her time in hospital and was confronted with one obstacle after another. She developed delirium, which affected her mind (memory) but never forgot who her children were.

Cath passed away on Friday December 5th 2003 with her family around her.