Notes for: George Bradbury

George's wedding certificate shows that he married Martha Shoesmith on October 15 1843 and they were both over 21 years of age. It notes that George occupation was a spinner and he was a widower (although I have found no information on a previous marriage) and Martha was a spinster. George and Martha were living in Middleton in Lancaster at the time of their marriage and their father's names were James and Jude respectively and they were both farmers. The fact that George and Martha signed their names with a cross confirms that they could not write.

On the 4th August, 1846, Martha gave birth to a son and they named him Squire. An unusual first name that has avoided all my attempts at locating it's origin. In 1847 she gave birth to another son and they called him Smith - another unusual name that could have been taken from Martha's maiden name (Shoesmith).

In 1848 George, Martha, Squire and Smith boarded "The Cheapside" (a ship) to emigrate to Australia under the assisted migrant scheme. The ship's log shows that Smith died, aged 10 or 16 months (writing not clear) of Convulsions during the journey and was buried at sea.

They arrived in Port Phillip Bay in October 1848. The ship's log shows Martha as Elizabeth, for reasons unknown, as she was known as Martha until she died. One thought is that her name may have been Elizabeth Martha, but was called Martha.

Assisted migrants were required 'indentured' to employers for a period of time after arriving in Australia. George and Martha went to work for George Martin at Mount Sturgeon.

On 20th August 1855, George and Martha had their daughter Elizabeth and son James baptised in St Stevens Church Richmond. George's occupation was listed as a Gold Digger.

The Burgess Rolls have the following information listed:

1869/70 George Bradbury - 2 room wood cottage in Swan Street Richmond
1870/71 & 1873/74 George Bradbury - 2 room wood cottage in Swan Street - Labourer
1877/78 Martha Bradbury - 2 room wood cottage in Swan Street - Charwoman
1881/82 & 1883/84 Smith Bradbury - 2 room wood cottage in Swan Street - Dairyman