Home Up



My home Studio.........a technical marvel ............a place to blow hours of area of the house that usually gets me in trouble with Pam.............

It has been said that I have too many toys..........probably...........but they sure are fun to play with!

The Console: Everything you could ever ask for at the tip of your fingers

 Gallien Krueger Amp, Alesis Monitor One Speakers, Roland RSM 90 Speakers, Phonic 1500 Watt Amp, JVC 150 Watt Tuner, JVC CD Player, Radio Shack 5 Channel Mixer, DSL Internet Connection, Linksys Router, HP 4P Laser Printer, HP Deskjet 1600C Color Inkjet printer, Iomega Zip Drive, Microsoft Intelemouse, Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick, Sony 7 Band EQ, Sony VAIO 850 mz PC, Sony 700x Digital Video Camera, Robot MV99e Color 9 Camera Multiplexer, Sensormatic 4 Head Time Lapse VCR, Scanport Flatbed Scanner, Yamaha Studio Headphones and Chef from Southpark.  Do you get the picture yet???  Ok, I am an electronics what........he who has the most toys wins!











Musical Toys and Instruments

Alesis Drum Machine, Roland XP-30 Keyboard, Boss GT3 Processor, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez 7 String S Series Guitar, Ibanez JS (Joe Satriani) Guitar, Ovation Electric Acoustic, Yamaha Electric Bass, Cubasis 32 Track Recorder Software