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First and foremost, I would like to thank Sean and James at FASTech for having the patience and technical knowledge to make this car fast as hell.  Check out their website:


Now, the good stuff.  After purchasing this car, I felt the need for speed.  My first bolt ons were the following:

Granatelli MAF
Cold Air Induction Box
Borla Cat-Back Exhaust
K&N Filter
Centerforce Clutch - Nightmare
Z06 Clutch Slave

This really helped the car breathe and picked me up about 28 RWHP.  These mods helped me burn through 5 sets of Eagle F1 Tires.

Problems with the clutch - All of the above mods were done by G2 Motorsports.  While the extra power put a big smile on my face, my clutch never was right.  I took the car back to G2 to see if they could help me with the problem (clutch pedal still sticking).  I was told that "this is normal"  and was told to put some more miles on the car to see if it would fix itself (BS!)  So, I did.  I brought it back after 200 miles with the same problem. The guy that helped me before was gone and I got some other jerk off.  I was told that they had the same problem with most of these clutch kits and that they couldn't help me other than giving me the number for Centerforce (another bunch of faggots).  Getting no help from either, I took my car to Sean Freese at FASTech.  Sean convinced me to replace the clutch (again) but that he would not let it leave the shop until it was right.  What do you know, the fucking thing just needed somebody who knew WTF they were doing.  No clutch problems after that!

Now that I got that off of my chest.......

Hanging at FASTech, I saw (and rode in) cars that hauled ass!  Being the speed mongruel that I am, I had to do more to make my baby kick some ass!  Next came the good stuff!

TR 224 Cam - 114 LS
MAC Medium Tube Headers with Y-Pipe
O2 Sims (What are Cats?)
LS6 Intake
Full bottom end rework - Forged Internals, fresh bearings, etc.
Ported and Polished Heads
Comp Cams lifters, push rods, 918 springs
AutoTap (for monitoring)
"Free Ram Air" mod
SPEC Stage 4 ceramic clutch
New Z06 Slave and Master clutch cylinders

These improvements netted me 75 more RWHP to bring me to 400.0 with 387 ft.lbs. of torque!  I am sure I will be replacing tires again soon!