7 p.m.: We just noticed a new baby cottontail eating grass in the back yard. He is so tiny that when he has his head down eating, all you can see is the tips of his ears above the grass. I waited until he looked up to snap this shot. You can also see here that our catnip is flowering, and will soon be going to seed.


It’s now 8:10pm, almost dark, and here is the little guy on the patio right up by the back door. There was not quite enough light to get a good photo without moving the camera and blurring the image.


Our gardenia bush is really loaded with blossoms this year. This past winter the frost got to the plant and killed off some of the outer branches. When I went to prune back the dead growth, I saw the plant was covered with flower buds. So, I decided to wait until after the plant flowered before doing my pruning for the year. The flowers are really fragrant!


The catnip by the back patio is really growing tall. It’s now up to the top of the bird bath. It looks like it is getting ready to bloom. Every year for the past three years, I have let it flower, go to seed, and then in the winter mow it down to the ground. Then, it comes back the following year. This all started from 6 plants that I bought a few years ago. If it looks like mint, that’s because catnip is a member of the mint family of plants. If you look at the photo in my April 20th entry, you can see what a difference a month has made in the catnip growth.


Three years ago, I planted some catnip next to the patio out back. I’ve let it go to seed every year, and just before the growing season begins (the end of Feb or early Mar) I mow it all down to get rid of the dead twigs sticking up. Over this past weekend we got an inch of rain. Now the catnip growth is really taking off.