James Arthur Bradbury

James Arthur, Carl Arthur, and Margaret
circa 1918

James Arthur (2) Bradbury

Line: Arthur (1),

James Arthur (2) Bradbury, born October 12, 1858, Kingston, Pennsylvania. Married wife Florence Margaret Thomas, August 10, 1910. Together they had one child, Carl Arthur (3),.
James Arthur became the superintendent of the Kehoe-Berge coal mine in Pittston, PA. After Margaret's death in 1944, James Arthur married wife Phoebe, Circa 1947. Together they lived on River Street in Kingston, Pennsylvania. James Arthur worked at Kehoe-Berge until he retired in early 1958. Circa May 1958, James Arthur and Phoebe were on their way by car from Kingston to Florida where they were going to settle for their retirement. James Arthur fell over dead while sitting at his lunch on a ferry crossing the Chesapeake Bay.

In 1958, when he retired, James Arthur had two automobiles, a 1953, Kaiser, Henry J. and a later model Cadillac. He used the Henry J. as a commuter car to drive to and from the coal mine in Pittston and home on River Street in Kingston. James Arthur gave the Henry J. to his grandson James Arthur, II (4) upon his retirement from Kehoe-Berge.


  1. Married August 10, 1910 to Florence Margaret Thomas, b. April 10, 1891, Wilkes-Barre, PA, d. 1944, Kingston, PA
    Daughter of:
    David Evans Thomas, b. 1861, and
    Annie Ebert, b. 1856, Wilkes-Barre, PA, d. 1948, Reading, PA
  2. Phoebe


  1. Carl Arthur (3), b. January 21, 1914, Kingston, Pennsylvania, d. 1995, Dallas, Texas

Carl Arthur (3),

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