True Lies
Synopsis: Arnold Schwarzenegger is special agent Harry Tasker, a top spy in the ultra-secret Omega Sector--although to his wife Helen, he's just a boring computer salesman. When Harry's two lives unexpectedly collide, both he and Helen find themselves in the clutches of international terrorists, fighting to save not only their marriage, but their lives. Jammed with incredible special effects, "True Lies" is an exhilarating mix of non-stop action and romantic comedy.
Special Features
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Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Art Malik, Bill Paxton, Charlton Heston, Eliza Dushku, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tia Carrere, Tom Arnold
Director James Cameron
Where Purchased Best Buy
Purchase Price $14.99
Purchase Date 07/03/2002
Suggested Retail Price $19.98
Release Date 5/25/1999
Year 1994
Category Action/Adventure, Spies, Shoot 'Em Up, Romantic Comedy User Rating 7.0
MPAA Rating R
Studio Fox
Run Time 141 Minutes
Color/BW Color
Closed Caption Yes
Language English, Francais
Subtitles English, Espaņol
THX Certified Yes
Audio English - 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
Production Notes No
Video Features 2.35:1
Title Released YES
Box Set/Special Edition NO
Regionally Coded (Region 1)

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