My Cousin Vinny
Synopsis: Bill and Stan are mistaken for murderers while on vacation. Bill's family sends his cousin, Vinny Gambini, to defend them in his first case as a lawyer. Vinny's girlfriend, Mona Lisa Vito, joins him to help win the case because of a promise he made to her that he would marry her when he won his first case. Marisa Tomei won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in this film.
Special Features Theatrical Trailer
Actors Fred Gwynne, James Rebhorn, Joe Pesci, Lane Smith, Marisa Tomei, Mitchell Whitfield, Ralph Macchio
Director Jonathan Lynn
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Purchase Date 04/26/2003
Suggested Retail Price $14.98
Release Date 07/25/2000
Year 1992
Category Comedy, Southern, Legal, Academy Award Supporting Actress User Rating 7.1
MPAA Rating R
Studio Fox
Run Time 120 Minutes
Color/BW Color
Closed Caption Yes
Language English, Franšais
Subtitles English, Espa˝ol
THX Certified N/A
Audio Surround
Production Notes No
Video Features 1:85:1, Anamorphic16x9
Title Released YES
Box Set/Special Edition No
Regionally Coded (Region 1)

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