The Lion King (Special Platinum Edition)
Synopsis: Disney's epic coming-of-age saga tells of the love between a proud lion ruler, Mufasa and his sun Simba - a naive and curious cub who "just can't wait to be king." But Simba's envious Uncle Scar has other plans, and his scheming for the throne leads to Simba's exile from the kingdom he should rightfully rule. Befriended by the hilarious warthog, Pumbaa, and his manic meerkat companion,Timon, Simba forgets his regal responsibilities and adopts a carefree lifestyle of "Hakuna Matata."
Special Features 2-Disc Set
  • 2 versions of the film: "Special Edition (89 Minutes) and "Original Theatrica Release (88 Minutes)
  • "Virtual Safari", "Profile", "Grab A Grub" and "Sound Sensations" games
  • Deleted Scenes
  • "Animal Journey: Disney Animals"
  • "Story Journey: Storymaking Magic"
  • "Stage Journey: Behind-The-Scenes: Broadway", "Film Journey: Behind-The-Scenes" and "Music Journey" featurettes
Actors Cheech Marin, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Jim Cummings, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Madge Sinclair, Matthew Broderick, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Niketa Calame, Robert Guillaume, Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Zoe Leader
Direction Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Where Purchased Walmart
Purchase Price $14.97
Purchase Date 10/07/2003
Suggested Retail Price $29.99
Release Date 10/07/2003
Year 1994
Category Animation, Children/Family, Musicals, Disney Animation User Rating 7.6
MPAA Rating G
Studio Buena Vista
Run Time 90 Minutes
Color/BW Color
Language English
Subtitles English
THX Certified Yes
Audio 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix, THX Certified
Video Features 1.66:1, Anamorphic16x9
Title Released YES
Box Set/Special Edition Yes
Regionally Coded (Region 1)

Jim and Janis Bradbury's Digital Video Disk (DVD) Collection