Friends: The Best Of Friends Gift S et #1 & 2: Top 10 Episodes - DVD
The comedy series loved all over world, more popular in syndication than "Seinfeld," "Frasier" and "The Simpsons!" Now for the first time , the top episodes of the long-running series as voted by fans and the series' creators. Loaded with special extras in a special 2-disc s et! Episodes: The Pilot, The One with Two Parts (Parts 1 and 2), The One with All the Poker, The One Where Ross Finds Out, The One with t he Prom Video, The One Where No One's Ready, The One with the Embryos, The One with Ross' Wedding (Parts 1 and 2), The One with All the T hanksgivings, The One Where Everybody Finds Out.
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2001 Golden Globe Nominee: Best TV Series (Musical/Comedy) Supporting Actress: Jennifer Aniston

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Retail Price $34.98
Release Date 12/19/2000
Year 1994
Category TV Classics
Rating Not Rated
Actors David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow
Sound 5.0 Surround
Studio Warner Brothers
Run Time 320 Minutes
Color/BW Color
Standard Format Full Frame
Closed Caption YES
Language English
English, French
THX Certified NO
Multi-Audio NO
Production Notes NO
16:9 Enhanced NO
Title Released YES
Box Set/Special Edition YES
Regionally Coded (Region 1)

Jim and Janis Bradbury's Digital Video Disk (DVD) Collection