Carl Arthur Bradbury

Carl Arthur, May 1982

Carl Arthur (3) Bradbury

Line: James Arthur (2), Arthur (1)

Carl Arthur (3) Bradbury, b. January 21, 1914, Kingston, Pennsylvania, d. May 13, 1995, Dallas, Texas
Married Rachel Lois Evans. Together they had five children.

Right after Carl and Lois got married, they lived at 80 Park Place in Kingston, PA. A year or two later they moved to a newly built home at Dawes Avenue, Kingston, PA. During the second world war (early 1940's) they moved in with father, James Arthur (2) residing at 70 Orchard Street, Trucksville, PA. The houses were renumbered in the 1960's. This house is currently 58 Orchard Street. In 1948, Carl and Lois purchased a home across the street at 98 Harris Hill Road in Trucksville, PA where they lived until they moved to Woodward, Oklahoma in Nov. 1958. They settled in a home at 1418 21st Street, Woodward, OK,


Rachel Lois Evans b. April 19, 1918, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, d. February 11, 1987, Mesquite, Texas
Lois resided on Tripp Street, Forty Fort, PA until her marriage to Carl. At that time, Lois was working as a registered nurse at the Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. After moving to Oklahoma, November 1958, Lois worked as an RN at the Woodward, OK hospital and later at the State Hospital, Fort Supply, OK.


Carl Arthur started out to be an engineer, changing his cirriculum to Chiropody (now Podiatry) receiving his degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Carl's first office was on the second floor of the Kingston Corner Building, at the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Market Street in Kingston, Pennsylvania.


  1. James Arthur, II (4), b. October 21, 1942, Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  2. Roger Alan (4), b. February 22, 1945, Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  3. Judith Anne (4), b. March 16, 1946, Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  4. Mary Margaret (Peggy) (4), b. April 18, 1947, Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  5. Kit Lois (4), b. January 24, 1953, Nesbitt Memorial Hospital, Kingston, Pennsylvania

James Arthur. II

Roger Alan

Judith Anne

Mary Margaret

Kit Lois


Roger Alan, Mary Margaret, Carl Arthur, Lois, Judith Anne, Kit Lois, James Arthur, II
Photo: May 1982

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